What’s Coming Up Feb 09

What’s Coming Up #1 – Feb 09

There’s lots coming up in the next few months and in this, our first “What’s Coming Up” podcast, you’ll find out about the New York Comic Con and Farpoint Conventions in the US and the Sci Fi Ball in the UK. Find out where you can see Joss Whedon, Mark Sheppard, Robert Picardo, Alan Tudyk, Felicia Day and maybe even Nathan Fillion!  The show is also packed with other convention information and news about Firefly and Stargate cast members including Nathan Fillion, Adam Baldwin, Jewel Staite and more!

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Songs featured in this podcast “I’ll Still Be a Geek”, “It Was Good For You Too” (inspired by Firefly’s YoSafBridge) and “It’s Good to have Jayne on Your Side” are from the “Got to Fly” album by Marian Call and are used with permission.

Audio grabs from trailers in this podcast are for promotional purposes only and no infringement of copyright is intended.

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Gospel Hill Trailer (Adam Baldwin)


  1. Hi Beth, I am the creator of the firefly fanfilm the bellflower. I have been listneing to your podcasts and they are fantastic.
    Are you in Australia?

    Also, do you have any shots of the bellflwoer booth next to creation or the presentation. I havent been able to get any images of the event at creation where we did our presentation. Did you see it?

    Well, if you want to know anything please let me know.


  2. MJ – my life has been so insane the past few weeks I can’t remember if I replied to you – if I didn’t, please let me know.

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