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We’ll be live blogging the Joss Whedon panel at San Diego Comic Con.  Starts at 3pm PT. Refresh the page regularly for updates.  Please forgive the many typos that will be made as we endevour to post the info as quickly as possible.

And the crowd goes wild! Crowd stopped cheering eventually and Joss asks “Where did the good noise go?

Joss says thanks as always. They’re bringing out the new book Angel & Faith and Buffy Season 9

These universes are not throwaways they’re things we care about very much, we’re getting extraordinary artists & great creation.

Blu Ray for Buffy was just released but Joss knows nothing about it so no new commentaries.

If Buffy had continued would it have followed the line of the comics? There’s no way it could have been, you couldn’t have had a whole ep of them having sex…. well maybe..

The whole point of season 8 was so they could do things they couldn’t have done. It became ab it of an albatross for them (not the cute kind like River)

Astonishing X Men … got no plans of resuming x men he would have loved to do something with the Grail, he would have liked to do Spiderman but there was nothing left to tell but he’s says he’s doing a Spiderman reboot movie in a year and it’s going to be really really bad

Did you write Buffy with the season end in mind?
Every season was designed for us to be cancelled , oddly enough something I didn’t prepare that for is Firefly.

It’s an uncertain life so every season we wanted to go out with just enough that if we never come back there’s some sense of closure, we didn’t do a cliffhanger because we were never sure.

all the Buffy and angel characters are under one roof now. I do want to thank the guys at IDW for shepherding the guys. It makes everything better to have them in each other’s worlds, best part will be taking people from Angels world and putting them in Buffy’s and visa versa. We’re going to keep them in their own worlds a little bit so they can keep their own identities initially but then we’re going to get really silly. If i had the time there’d be about 5 guys that had their own books because there’s so many great dynamics there.
Frey popping up in season 8 was it difficult? It was some of the easiest and fun stuff and having Carl back to do it was really lovely, obviously there’s some reconciling issues, all of the Buffy comic has been affected by Fray but now that I’ve resolved that bringing them back together was great,

Any characters you regret killing off or introducing? yes, I regret introducing Tara…. noooo… I don’t have a regret, we all now sometimes I’ve killed beloved characters and there are some that didn’t stick to the walls as well as others but if people didn’t like them we played that up

Joss would like to do more back story stuff for Firefly (re Sheppard’s tail) they have the license to move forward with more Firefly so it’ll be interesting to see what happens next.

Throughout Angel there’s refs to TPTB but not in Buffy was it just that you didn’t have that idea?

In Buffy there was the Watchers and those that made the first slayer there were always those out there that you need to move the story along or rail against to make things better things that would seem to be in opposition to the good forces and that no matter who’s out there that we need to do it for ourselves.

Would you ever bring Buffy to Broadway?
You mean like taker her to a show? … I would.,. I don’t know if

anyone would want me to but yeah, I thinks he belongs there, in the theater next to where Dr Horrible is.

on killing characters in season 9 or 10 .. does he plan to break our hearts? he’s not going to tell us but S9 has some great new stuff in it, not built around darkness per say but that Buffy is about finding out who she is and it can sometimes be dangerous and sticky and weird, he’s not going to reveal if there’s anything awful.

Joss managed to get through his childhood without having a life experience, his life exp was reading Frank Herbert. He was afraid of most things and … he didn’t have a terrible childhood but he doesn’t feel he had a remarkable one either, the things you see fear, helplessness, pain, loss were the things I was struggling with, very common issues with me but they weren’t based on spectacular events he could relay in a David Copperfieldy way but … he was a little bit pathetic… not any more though! he’s totally cool, has beautiful hair and…

is there a Buffy animated film in the future? How much money do you have… he says they tried but for some reason had little success

He’s still trying to get someone to make a Serenity Sequel! ….. but they won’t.

Question about why he writes female characters (he says there’s a YouTube video that will answer that)

Would you ever consider lending your voice to Star Trek comics? Joss says no, they’re their own voices, for the comics it’s harder for them to capture and it’s not something he’s attracted to because he’s interested in the way they’re going to capture the universe on film. He wouldn’t want to wade into something with that much history, he’d rather do something new.

Dr horrible 2 soon?
The thin you have to understand….. is yes!

He’s worked on a number of songs, got a demo from Jed & Maurissa, a song they pitched made him say he wanted to take back his songs.

Was it deliberate the 7th ep of Buffy & Angel in each season seems to be the one that foreshadows the rest of the season – was that deliberate?
Joss: it was based on the fact usually the seventh ep was the se

cond one I could direct so I would save all the goodies for myself.

Are there things that will make Dawn a stronger character? She wont’ be a hero but she has her own journey to go on, he always felt she had more reason to complain than almost any teenager he knew but he doesn’t think of her as weak, she’s very much Buffy’s greatest support system right now. She’s someone who’s just moving on with her life now which is problematic for Buffy.

(battery nearly dead, sorry, will keep posting as much as I can )

There will be more Dr Horrible comics, written by Zak Whedon.

Avengers hasn’t been as hard as he thought it’d be, the characters mesh really well, they’re having a great time with each other.

Ripper: Joss has said we’ll get a whiff of the Ripper, he still wants to do a Ripper series but if he mentions it to ASH again he thinks he’ll take a knife to his throat. but he’ll get the cameras rolling before and then call him and tell him to come.

Joss recently pulled out an old script (one of many that didn’t sell) and it was fun and interesting and he liked it a lot but he said… this guy’s young….

Kitty Pride = Kayley?… Joss never saw the connection.. but says he often doesn’t. He’s often unaware of … “let us call it theft” but now that it’s said, yeah, ok that’s another original idea! It wasn’t deliberate, but he does see the connection…. now….

Would you consider doing a strong gay male character? Totally, absolutely. He’s wanted to do a book, he has one in mind, not on the front burner but he thinks it’s about time.

Jo Chen pitched a story about Angel & Spike hooking up a bit…? Joss says he got to do a two page story which was then expanded to three, he says Jo is a miracle worker but because it was a short piece.

There will be more Dollhouse comics, some are on deck already and their reception will decide if there are more (and if people have the time).

Joss is giving the audience the gift of NOT singing..

Big thanks from Joss as he leaves the stage.


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