Behind Castle: Episode 014, Tamala Jones

Special Guest Tamala Jones

In this episode of Behind Castle we talk to the lovely Tamala Jones who plays Medical Examiner Lanie Parish.

We discuss what’s coming up this season, just how much Nathan Fillion and Stana Katic like or hate each other, what other projects she has been working on and more.

This is a fun interview you won’t want to miss.

We also have the latest Castle news and we hear what fans thought of the first two episodes of the season.

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Music featured in this podcast composed by Robert Duncan and used with permission.


  1. Hi Admin. I don’t think this podcast could be any better. I like the way you set it out and how u play scenes every now and then. This website is very well done, I think you have done a great job organizing it and I’m sure u put a lot of effort into it. :)

  2. Thanks

  3. now i know that you admin are doing amazing job and this podcast was awsome for many reasons and i liked the time whan TAMALA was talking about the fans and the one she saved… just keep up a good work… love you :)

  4. Had a good laugh over this while doing a last-minute assignment at 1am, so thanks for the distraction/entertainment! Haven’t actually listened to one of these podcasts before, but I’ll be sure to rectify that now that I know what I’ve been missing! And wow, I’ve always thought Tamala was amazing but this podcast just made me adore her all the more. Hoping like crazy to meet her next month at the Con! Thanks again for a great podcast!

  5. Really liked your podcast.. and is actually ashamed of saying that this is the first podcast I have ever been listening to. But really needed this today, would have been my moms b-day and is really felling down, and especially the interview with Tamala made me laugh so much that I almost started to cry, but happy tears :)
    Im for sure gonna listen to you again and keep up the good work! <33

  6. I’m glad we were able to put a smile on your face today :)

  7. Chandramas says:

    I agree with Selena! It was a lovely interview, very “natural”. I love how even if you’re as good as professional interviewer, you are able to keep it (them) very fresh and sweet. Differently from the professional one, in this one, (probably even more than in the other) you can see not just you care the people you interview but that they (so far pretty much everyone) cares about your project.

    That said, Tamala is awesome! And she has so much energy! And a huge heart! What can I say? I don’t think I could love her more!

    Good Job! :p

  8. SeannysMom says:

    Thank you so much for this awesome podcast. Your questions are really great and Tamala Jones is so sweet and funny. Fantastic Job !

  9. wish4always says:

    Admin, thank you! Another great podcast. The impression Tamala leaves you with is that she could be your best friend. She has no airs and graces and has an amazing positive energy. I don’t think anything gets her down. Impressive.

    I loved what she had to say about Kate and Lanie. We definitely want more of that. Her view of Molly is wonderful too.

    Whenever a Castle team member appears in an interview or podcast etc, they all have a common thread. That is the feeling of family. Every one of them has mentioned it. Even Penny who was the newest member to join. She feels part of the family already. That says a lot for the culture and values that Andrew Marlowe has nurtured.
    Wonderful. Thanks again Admin. Loved it.

  10. Admin, thanks for this latest podcast . They are always so professionally done, with a great mix of news, fan reaction, and cast/crew input. It was a pleasure to hear from Tamala, especially her perspectives on the atmosphere on set, the wild ride of season 5, and the relationship between Lanie and Beckett. Tamala has such a great spirit and positive outlook, and as usual, the questions posed in the interview were fresh and interesting. Looking forward to the next podcast.

  11. I just listened to your latest podcast w/ Tamala and really enjoyed it. Keep up the great work! :)

  12. Just adore Tamala! She is beyond fabulous. Can’t wait to see her and all the rest of the fandom at Castle Con.

  13. mari_guerra says:

    Great podcast. I really hope to see Tamala at the CC.

  14. Fantastic Podcast, Admin! I love love love Tamala! Truly enjoyed this one a lot! Looking forward to the next one! 😀

  15. P.S. Thanks for including my voice mail! That was a pleasant surprise! :)

  16. Castleobserver says:

    Wow what a fun interview with Tamala! She is so great. I like how she talks about the cast feeling like family. Sounds like we are in for a lot more fun this season on Castle. Thanks Admin for another great podcast!!!!!!!

  17. youcomingcastle says:

    G’day Admin, what a ripper of an interview…I bet Tamala was loads of fun to interview; just love her
    laugh…great variety of questions you asked her…a great lady who obviously loves and appreciates her
    fans…they are the ones who allow her to put bread of the table. Nothing beats loving the job that you do, that came across so clearly in the interview to me…AM’s got to be the envy of many bosses.
    Btw, love how you pronounced Castle in the podcast…it’s infectious and I now find myself using the short pronunciation of “a” instead of the long sound “ar”.
    Looking forward to your next podcast. Cheers:)

  18. Haha.. The thing is, Castle in this case is a person’s name, so you should pronounce it the way they do, so it’s definitely “Cassle” though next month I’m going to England and I’ll be visiting Rochester “Carsle” :)

  19. Love Tamala’s laugh! another great podcast and learnt a few more things 😀 can’t wait for the next one!

    Ahh the buttons.. how i love them! i still don’t know what to do with mine at the moment… i’ll prob wear them when i go to Armageddon 😛

  20. thanks for the great interview with tamala. you somehow asked many of the questions i’ve always wondered about.

  21. I knew Nathan had great lips. I just knew it! Crap! :( LOL

  22. Great, enjoyable interview. Thanks!

  23. Enjoying the show! Great interview :)

  24. Love your podcasts I always enjoy listening you always ask questions that I wish I could ask and Tamala is just funny :]

  25. wrappedtunafish says:

    Hey Admin congrats on yet another awesome podcast I re-watched it 2 times! 😀 I love the fact that you include other peoples opinions in it so yo get more views and ideas to come in! Next time I will surely submit one! Keep up the great work and I’ll be back again next time!!!

  26. CherriesPlease says:

    How do I provide audio testimony/feedback like I hear on this great podcast? Do we email a recording or call a number?

    Wow, after a long time of being unplugged from the Castle-verse…this season is such a great homecoming. I’m glad Beckett and Castle are finally together and I’m super looking forward to the development of this exciting relationship beginning!

  27. Hannah Turcinovic says:

    Tamala is such a sweetheart!

  28. Thanks for this podcast! She addressed the old rumor about Stana, love that. Great interview of Tamala, I love her! :)

  29. love Lanie’s idea. something like this needs to happen!

    Great podcast, so cool u got to talk to her & that she took the time.

    keep up the good work, really really appreciate it!

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