Behind Castle: Episode 012, Penny Johnson Jerald

In this month’s episode of Behind Castle we talk to the inspirational Penny Johnson Jerald who discusses Castle, Star Trek, fans and what she’s been studying. This interview was recorded during the filming of the Castle Season 4 finale. If you’re not a fan of Gates I challenge you to listen to this interview and then tell us if you’ve changed your mind.

In addition to our interview with Penny we hear some fan reactions to the season renewal news (including one awesome song from someone who didn’t leave her name Alana!) and we catch up with the latest Castle news.

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(This podcast contains no spoilers)

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Music featured in this podcast composed by Robert Duncan and used with permission.


  1. Another great podcast! I love hearing the fans’ reaction to season 5 renewal and a great interview with Penny! Yeah.. still really disappointed with no Castle panel at SDCC but very happy for 2 Nathan Panels… Really wish i could make it to the Castle Convention but can’t this year… maybe next time…


  3. Shutterbug5269 says:

    I have it playing while I’m typing this.

  4. Isabella says:

    Castle and OTH TOGETHER OMG!!!! #caskettANDleytonforevrr

  5. GF101010 says:

    Good point from ‘Gates’ – I think fans are as she is said ” Unsure of Gates”, but as she also says there is so much more in her ‘Gates’, just a bit more humanity or softer?

    This show is so good, hope we get series 6/7/+

  6. wish4always says:

    What an amazing and humble lady. Penny is truly inspirational in the way she seems to deal with adversity in life. I hope Gates gets a bit more screen time in season 5. From what we have seen in season 4 she is not in every episode but she is still a presence when she is around.
    Great podcast Admin. Thank you for the great interview and for highlighting Penny, and Captain Gates.

  7. Great interview. Thanks, Admin! :)

  8. I appreciate the Captain Gates character because she shakes up the dynamic. She forces Beckett to acknowledge her desire to keep Castle on her team. She can’t use the excuse anymore that “my boss makes me…” I think PJJ has done a great job of portraying her character with realism and subtlety instead of becoming cartoonish.
    That interview did a great job of revealing the very interesting person behind the Gates persona.

  9. abcastle says:

    i always quite liked gates thought she made the show better

  10. skyisblue1 says:

    Great interview Admin. PJJ is a real powerhouse. Will be interested to see what AWM has in store for Gates and company in Season 5.

  11. 1. Moonlighting curse is not with Castle. Different situations and real chemistry between the leads and bad script. 2. Go by Thin Man series, Hart to Hart, Macmillan and wife, though the leads were married already when the shows started. 3. Gatescan warm up to Caskett and sees astle as an asset to variuos cases with his imaginations and his skill in writing. 4. Be less by the bok but with more human touch to her tough exterior.

  12. michela says:

    I think PJ is right about finding her place as Gates and should keep the balence of sticking to the rules yet also be able to be with her crew, I think that Castle and Gates should have there own way of saying that they understand each other and has wormed up to each other, with out saying it , like a subtexting it. I think that Gates can be tough at work but also hang out at the old haunt once in a while with her team.

  13. VocValcreature says:

    Just loved this podcast. I followed Penny from her Deep Space Nine days and although it’s taken a while for me to get into the Captain Gates vibe… I’m starting to see between the lines and look forward to some great things for season 5.

    Keep up the good work everybody… Yeah Season 5

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