Behind Castle: Episode 013, Jon Huertas

This month we chat with Castle’s Detective Javier Esposito, Jon Huertas. Jon talks to us about what’s coming up on Castle this season and other projects he’s working on including YouTube, the album he’s just completed, the “American Dreamers” documentary and more.

We also have lots of Castle news including a new Castle Convention guest announcement!

Don’t forget to listen out for details of our giveaway. We’re giving away 2 Castle Convention Tickets and/or a Comic Con exclusive Castle poster. We’ll announce the winner Sunday 30 September.

This podcast does contain spoilers including a sneak peek from “After the Storm”.

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Music featured in this podcast composed by Robert Duncan and used with permission.


  1. Rachael Morgan says:

    Loved the interview with Jon and the preview of Tamala’s interview as well. Its great to hear from other Castle fans! Thanks to CastleTV for all of your hard work!

  2. Beth you did a great job with this podcast. Nice mix of fan comments, information, and of course Jon’s great interview. Thanks for all of your hard work!

  3. Great Podcast! I enjoyed Jon’s interview and the spoiler!!! I was trying to avoid spoilers until Tuesday but I think the spoiler was definately worth it!

  4. phoenixonfire says:

    Thanks for the podcast Admin! You never fail to give us something to look forward to w/ our favorite show. More power to you and your team. :)

  5. Great podcast!!! So excited for Season 5 to start!

  6. Great podcast, as usual. Super excited about season 5. Looking forward to the next podcast. See you at Castle Con!!

  7. I love Castle, I’ve seen every episode. My favorite was the zombie episode.

  8. Good podcast. I might be running late now. Only for the dentist, so it’s okay. :)


  10. Fantastic podcast, Admin. Fun interview with Jon, and great combination of news, interview footage, and fan comments. I have to Admit I squealed a little when you made the guest announcement. He gives such great commentary on episodes and will be an amazing guest.

  11. Phenomenal podcast! I always look forward to them! The interview with Jon was fantastic and I can’t wait to hear the one with Tamala! ๐Ÿ˜€

  12. Dare Johnston says:

    Awesome podcast Beth! Really enjoyed the interview with Jon, the fan clips, and the announcement about Rob Bowman. Cannot wait for Season 5! Recruiting new Castle fans everyday!

  13. Jeanelle Torres says:

    Great podcast! Flows tremendously and always super exciting to hear! Hopefully video podcasts will be soon to come! Can’t wait for the iOS app to be released!

  14. Loved this podcast. Of course I had to skip the spoilery part. ๐Ÿ˜‰ Great interview with Jon. Always nice to hear what he has to say and am really looking forward to his upcoming projects. Great to hear that Rob Bowman was announced as another guest. Castle Con will be amazing. And Im really looking forward to the next podcast with the lovely Tamala. :)

  15. OMG ok haha Hi my names Carina in 16 and I live in Australia too!!
    Ive been dying to find someone who is obsessed with Castle too coz all my friends like it but they dont go crazy over every little detail like me ๐Ÿ˜› Do u have twitter or tumblr that we could possibly talk thru or something? :) x

  16. Great podcast! :) I CANT WAIT for Monday night!


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