Daleks In Melbourne

Doctor Who Symphonic Spectacular, MelbourneOver 10,000 fans spaning multiple generations decended on Melbourne yesterday from all over the country to attend the first ever “Doctor Who Symphonic Spectacular!”  Both performaces, the only two being held in the country, were filled to capacity.

Matt Smith @ Doctor Who Symphonic Spectacular, MelbourneBased on the “Doctor Who at the Proms” events held in the UK this is the first time the music of Doctor Who has been performed in such an event outside of the UK.  The Melbourne Symphony Orchestra, conducted by Doctor Who’s own Ben Foster, lead young and old through a wonderful audio visual jouney by perfoming music primarily from the current series but also including a feature that looked back at each of the Doctors that came before.

Cyberman @ Doctor Who Symphonic Spectacular, MelbourneWhile music from the orchestra filled the Plenary Hall at the Melbourne Convention and Exhibition Center large screens decpicted scenes from the series…. and then came the monsters!  Throughout the performace the audience was invaded by Cybermen, The Silence, The Judoon, Silurians, Vampires of Venice, the Ood and of course the Daleks who moved around in the amongst the audience frightening children along the way.

(Be sure to switch video below in HD mode for best viewing)

After the event concluded attendees who waited around in the lobby area were treated to an additional up close and personal appearance of the various monsters as they wandered around the crowd stopping to allow people to take photos much to the delight of many of the younger ones present (ok, so some of us older folks may have snuck in a quick snap too!) .

Overall this was a simply fantastic event and we hope that it won’t be long before the event returns.

Performance by:

  • The Melbourne Sympony Orchestra
  • Composer Murray Gold
  • Conductor Ben Foster
    Antoinette Halloran
  • Tobias Cole counter-tenor
  • Andrew Hunter chorus master
  • Concordis Chamber Choir

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Matt Smith @ Doctor Who Symphonic Spectacular, Melbourne Cyberman @ Doctor Who Symphonic Spectacular, Melbourne


  1. Scott Matthews says:

    Great Work! Such a fantastic show. Love the photos and video, well done.

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