Amanta Tapping Convention, UK

In September 2002 four fans of Amanda Tapping invested their own personal money and started up a non-profit company called GABIT Events Limited with the primary objective of bringing Amanda Tapping to London for a special event with her very own fans. GABIT held their first event in October 2005 and have since held 4 more very successful events in the UK and 2 in Vancouver, Canada (Sanctuary Experience & Meet the Man, Richard Dean Anderson).

GABIT Events focus on ensuring all involved have a full, enjoyable experience and all proceeds are donated to charity.

The next GABIT event is AT6, the sixth (obviously!) Amanda Tapping Convention held in London, UK.  Registration is currently open via their website where you can also find out more about who they are.

AT6 ~ Ripples will be held November 9-11 at the Renaissance Hotel Heathrow.

GABIT Events Website.

Amanda Tapping at 2010 GABIT Event

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